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About Bizkriti Community

Your two most important assets as a business owner or an entrepreneur are – your knowledge and your network. With the BizKriti team, you can grow both!
Founded on the principle that strong personal relationships are instrumental to business growth, BizKriti is a rapidly growing community of like minded business owners. The name has been derived from the Sanskrit word Kriti which means creation.

Do you value an environment where synergistic relationships effortlessly form and thrive? Do you want to learn how to create and sustain these relationships? Would you like to master tools that give you an edge in business? Would you like to leverage the experience of others through braistorming?

Give yourself the BizKriti advantage. Join today!
"This was a fabulous workshop! Very well organized, paced and presented. As a presentation coach and public speaking teacher, this aspect of networking workshops is really important to me. The best part? On top of meeting 20 enthusiastic and motivated entrepreneurs, I already have a new client! I'll definitely be back!"
Taren Sterry
February 13th, 2013
"Quality presentations and quality people. This was by far the best networking Meetup I have been to!"
Rebecca Leven
December 9th, 2010
"Good group. Dynamic group leaders. Real world recommendations concerning effective networking with a plan were immediately implemented and facilitated among the attendees. They also helped interested parties to meet with one another once the formal meeting had ended."
Thomas Cusack
August 18th, 2011
"Excellent event. Dr. Kool provided an extremely professional environment in which to network. He also taught very valuable information to help us pitch our businesses more efficiently and effectively. I would highly recommend this group and will see you again at future meetups. I made incredible contacts at this event and I look forward to following up with such entrepreneurial and creative professionals!"...
March 28th, 2013
"This was one of the best meetups I have been to. I really appreciate the structure of the evening and met some great people."
Susan Klaplin
March 6th, 2013
"Really enjoyed the personalized yet structured atmosphere the organizers created. The group was small enough that everyone was able to give a 30 second elevator pitch and say who they were looking to meet, but large enough to be useful. There were also small break-out sessions that forced you to engage in the learning materials, and ended up in absorbing them more fully. I thought this was the most useful meetup I've been to in the past couple m...
Brian Erickson
March 28th, 2011
"I really like the format employed. We each did out elevator intro & one member did a longer talk on his business. Then Mr. Cool did a short lecture on sales, very informative. The last portion was open networking!"
Troy Kirschner
December 13th, 2011
"Overall, a productive meeting. Insightful tips, including the reminder of capitalizing on LinkedIn to futher the networking process. The exercises I did enjoy and working on the :30 pitch was helpful. Look forward to our next meeting. Thanks!"
Pete Gersec
November 4th, 2010
"As always Dr. Kool did a great job. I find his presentations very well planed, to the point and full of valuable information. I especially like the interactive portion of the workshops, very useful because it helps sear into your brain key elements of his presentation. The old adage of Tell them what you are going to tell them. Then tell them. And then tell them again really applies here but with the twist of the them, us in this case, who are ...
May 10th, 2012
"Everything about this event was a success. A great, motivated, friendly group of people, an excellent presentation by Dr. Kool, enough structure to help everyone connect in the best possible way - can't wait for the next one!"
Emma Larkins
May 31st, 2012
"Strong turnout, Aditi and Kool gave me the opportunity to make a brief presentation. The results were incredible: I met, arranged an appointment, and gained a new client in less than 1 week! This is a top business and networking opportunity - highly recommended!"
Adrian Ozarchievici
November 10th, 2010
"This group is different from the other groups because: you can meet amazing people, make real connections, and they will never waste your time and I already got business!"
Paulina Podbiello
March 27th, 2013
"If you are interested in doing some productive networking not just collecting peoples cards this is the group for you."
Holly Sugrue
March 26th, 2011